The Book Of Acts - Part 09

Sunday September 08 2019 - Today we were in Acts 2:38-41

This week we looked at the crowd’s response to Peter’s presentation of the gospel and saw the establishment of the pattern for Kingdom growth: saved…baptised…added.

We were stirred to learn from Peter’s presentation of the gospel and to share Jesus at every opportunity and to bring our hearers so they can be saved, baptised and added.

Our Response To God's Love

Sunday September 01 2019 - Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers, step fathers, grand fathers, father figures and those generally being fatherly type people to those in your care.

We celebrated the fathers today with doughnuts and iced coffees, followed by Craig sharing some pearl of wisdom type “Dadvice” gleaned from some of the fathers within Extreme Life Church.

Craig then continued his mini-series on love, by taking us through some scripture that shows us to love our neighbours, our brothers and our enemies.

Very practical and helpful advice, as we do tend to encounter all three, almost every single day.

The Book Of Acts - Part 05

Sunday July 21 2019 - Today we launched into Acts 2. In the first four verses we saw some natural descriptions of the supernatural outpouring that occurred 10 days after the ascension of Jesus.

We looked at the history of the celebration called “Pentecost” and the difference between being baptised in the Holy Spirit and being filled with the Holy Spirit and how we can live filled with the Spirit and what that looks like.

At The Well...

Sunday July 14 2019 - Steve took us through the Samaritan woman’s encounter with Jesus at the well from John 4 and showed us some amazing points about our nourishment, the water and food that Jesus offers and the wages he has for his workers.

All of that was excellent and you’re welcome to use this podcast to “catch up” on this message if you weren’t there…but we cannot podcast for you what God did in our lives while we were worshiping…he really took us to another level in him today, and it was amazing!