Welcome to Extreme Life online.

We are a vibrant church with one passion...to share Jesus everywhere!  Everything else we do, flows out of that passion.  We meet on Sunday mornings and evenings to celebrate our King and receive quality Bible teaching... no expressing of trumped up opinions here, just solid teaching of the word of God!

Our meetings are not religious or tamed by an unbiblical conservatism, but are a wild expression of overflowing gratitude and appreciation of a Saving King who's redemption knows no limits.   We also have Powerhouse at 10:00am on Sundays open to those who are part of Extreme Life wishing to partner with us in prayer... our most vital tool in establishing the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth.

The rest of the week we have various home groups and each month we have various other groups that meet together for social interaction and to be "equipped for the work of the ministry" (Ephesians 4:12).  4 Twelve is our youth meeting that happens fortnightly on a Friday, and our Sunday kids program JaM (Jesus and Me) is amazing to say the very least.

Thanks for visiting our website, please have a browse around and feel free to drop in to a Sunday meeting for a visit or even better, to find a place where you can partner with a local church on an active mission to see our city and the nations impacted by the message of our King Jesus!

Paul & Nicole Collinson

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