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New Covenant Ministries INTERNATIONAL


Our primary partnership is with an international, apostolic/prophetic team called New Covenant Ministries International (NCMI).

Churches and individuals from more than 100 countries around the world are partnering with NCMI to participate in the various opportunities for envisioning, encouragement, training, and church planting. We regularly invite those who are part of this team to come and minister into both the church and the lives of the leadership at Extreme Life.

We regularly participate in regional, national and global events that bring partnering churches together around the world, to learn, share and build each other up.

This is a real relationship of key leaders who are in turn accountable to their own local eldership teams.

If you'd like to know more about NCMI, you can visit their global site.


Red Cymbals

Extreme Life Church is very proud to partner with Red Cymbals.

Red Cymbals provide an awesome product that sounds amazing in our worship context, but beyond that, Dylan and his team promote positive mental health and support related initiatives/organisations. They seek to raise awareness of mental health issues faced by creative people, reach out to musicians and creative people who are working through life issues or struggles with mental health as well as minimise the stigma related to mental health.

Extreme Life Church is happy to provide our venue to host Red Shed events, where drummers are welcome to come and play with other drummers and try out the range of Red Cymbals products.

These events are a great way to build a healthy and positive drumming community, and we are very pleased to be a part of them.

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