To know Christ, and to make Him known!
— Tyrone Daniel



At Extreme Life, we believe that the Bible is true, and that God still uses it to speak truth and life to people in relationship with Himself, today.

We believe Jesus is at the centre of the Bible and needs to be at the centre of our daily lives, and that the Holy Spirit lives and works through those who: believe, invite him to do so and constantly choose, to allow him to do so.

We believe the Church is a global community of people who share these truths, and is made up of local congregations led by local Elders/Pastors.

We believe in team, and that genuine apostolic partnerships bring accountability and perspective so we can fulfil the work of the Kingdom and the discipling of the nations.

Our vision is to build a Bible-based church that helps all people know Christ in a real and personal way - a church that empowers all, to live practical, biblical lives that reflect their confidence in the future that the Bible teaches and that Jesus makes available to those who believe in him and receive the gift of life he personally, makes available to them.